University Council Update – July 2023

We handed in an initiative proposal which we wrote in collaboration with AIESEC. In this proposal, we request the Executive Board to examine the possibilities of awarding ECTS credits for the internships which AIESEC offers. We believe it fits with the ambitions of Tilburg University, and are certain that it would improve students’ educational experiences, as well as strengthen their position on the labor market.

The profile fund (fund for students with study delay due to special circumstances such as a board year or illness) has been overspent for a couple of years. The Executive Board proposed a plan to decrease the amount per grant, which means students who are entitled to a grant, such as student board members, would receive less money. We voiced our concerns on this plan, as the effects of the plan on study-, student-, and sports associations were not clear, and we are worried about the future of the associations. We believe the money should be taken from somewhere else, instead of lowering the grants, as students should be compensated adequately for their study delay due to board work or special circumstances. The Executive Board took our comments and questions to heart and withdrew the proposal. Conversations with associations will be put up next year, in order to propose a new plan for the profile fund.

The Spring Marap (Management Report) showed the progress of the strategy. We were pleased to be updated on the progress of the strategy, but were disappointed with the slow pace. Signals of work pressure have been brought forward a lot, but we feel that little steps are being taken to e.g. improve the student-staff ratio. At the start of the academic year, the plan for a strategy dashboard was raised. This is currently being put into place and is expected to be finished at the end of this academic year.

We received an update on the progress of the redesign of the Model Education and Examination Regulations (EER). Next year, it will shadow the current Model of Education and Examination Regulations to take out any problems which it still contains. The plan is to start using the new Model as of 2024-2025.

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