Learn our four pillars and more

Our desire is to improve the studyclimate at Tilburg university to a point where all students can fulfill their ambitions.

Quality of Education

SAM strives for excellent education at Tilburg University. Therefore, SAM focuses on the following topics: Excellent Teachers, the Quality of your Degree, Digitization, Soft Skills and the Innovation of Education.

Student Facilities

SAM aims for excellent student facilities. This forms the foundation for students to fulfill their ambitions. SAM focuses on four types of facilities: Study Facilities, Sports Facilities, Student Housing and Facilities for Student Well-Being.

Labor Market

SAM believes that all students should be well-prepared for their future employment. This means that education programs should align with the requirements of the labor market. Furthermore, students should have sufficient possibilities to orient themselves for their future career, for example, by doing an internship.

Personal Development

SAM believes that extracurricular activities such as honours programs and an active student life contributes significantly to the personal development of students. SAM ensures that Tilburg University values these activities properly and stimulates students to develop themselves in their own way.

Quality of Education

We strive to improve the quality of education of Tilburg university. We believe that this can be done by working towards:

  • excellent teachers

  • improved quality of diploma’s

  • improvement of the digital study environment

  • offering more soft-skill courses

  • stimulating innovation of education

During the last couple of years, we have already achieved a lot in this pillar. For example, student party SAM paved the way for web lectures and handing in assignments digitally via Canvas or mail instead of a hard-copy. We also achieved lecture free weeks prior to exam periods at some faculties. In addition to lobbying in the university council,SAM tries to realize better quality of education with a creative approach as well. We hold the “Teacher of the year” election annually. This event is an informal way of celebrating education and showing our appreciation for good teachers.

Student Facilities

Student party SAM provides the university with ideas of new student facilities. We believe that facilities, such as work space, sport facilities and facilities for student well-being are backbone for enabling students to fulfill their ambitions. During the last couple of years, we have actively monitored the growth plan of the university.

We lobby for well-thought classes. This means that there should be a good teacher/student ratio and that all teachers should be aware of the increasing class size. In addition, we also take care of upcoming logistical problems, such as a decent student/work space and student/bike parking lot ratio. Since last year, we also lobby a lot for the facilities of international students. Often, international students have trouble finding housing or integrating properly into the systems of our university. We try to improve this as well.

All-in-all, we believe we can guide the university with achieving sustainable growth of our university.

Access to Labor Market

If we compare the supply of opportunities to access  the labor market of Tilburg univerisity with the supply other Dutch universities are providing, our university is lacking behind. Erasmus university of Rotterdam is offering a career center with personal mentors and the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam has its own career services where potential employees and employers can meet up.

Tilburg university has career portal as well, but it is much smaller. Especially for international graduates it is still very hard to find a job after leaving university. We, as student party SAM, are convinced that the university has to improve a lot in this regard, especially since it has such ambitious growth plans.

Things we would like to achieve regarding access to the labor market:

  • Professionalization of our career services
  • Better access for international students to the labor market
  • Improved guidance after your graduation

Personal development

As members of fractie SAM, we do not only stand for improving only your bachelor or master program, but we also want to provide you opportunities for development outside of the usual lecture halls. Currently, it is a great advance in life if you have obtained knowledge about certain soft-skills. We find it of great need that the university provides language, communication and other courses which can help you in your daily life. Provision of good soft-skills courses goes hand-in-hand with paving the way for better access to the labor market. We as student party SAM think that everyone who wants to improve him- or herself, should be able to participate in such a soft- skill course.

In addition to soft-skill course provision, we would like to make board years or internship less harmful for someone’s study progress. We believe that an internship should, just like going on exchange, be rewarded with ECTS. When doing a board year, we are convinced that a system where you pay-per-course is much fairer than the current system where you pay the full tuition.

Student party SAM would like to achieve the following things regarding to extracurricular activity:

  • More & better provision of soft-skill courses

  • Being rewarded for doing an internship

  • Ability to pay-per-course during a board year


Perform with Passion

  • We enjoy helping all students of Tilburg University
  • We put maximum effort and energy into representing all students of Tilburg University
  • We are passionate about education and the development of Tilburg University and all its students.

Demonstrate Reliability

  • We listen sincerely to all students and take direct action to show that we live up to our promises
  • We will carefully manage the relationships we develop, we’re in it for the long term!
  • We believe that consistent policy is key to building trust

Create Interaction

  • We are open and approachable for all students
  • We proactively connect with all students to recognize their needs
  • We proactively involve all students in our ideas, initiatives and decisions

Think Ambitiously

  • We continuously improve Tilburg University by using our critical view
  • We provide creative and innovative solutions to issues that occur at Tilburg University
  • We proactively search for new challenges and opportunities