Student Party SAM

Student Party SAM is the oldest student party of Tilburg university. Our desire is to improve the studyclimate at Tilburg university to a point where all students can fulfill their ambitions.

The people behind SAM

We believe Tilburg University students are ambitious during their student life. Whether it is inside and/or outside the curriculum, students want to fulfill their ambitions and maximize their student time. We will ensure that all Tilburg University students get the opportunities to achieve their goals.

Four pillars

Quality of Education

SAM strives for excellent education at Tilburg University. Therefore, SAM focuses on the following topics: Excellent Teachers, the Quality of your Degree, Digitization, Soft Skills and the Innovation of Education.

Student Facilities

SAM aims for excellent student facilities. This forms the foundation for students to fulfill their ambitions. SAM focuses on four types of facilities: Study Facilities, Sports Facilities, Student Housing and Facilities for Student Well-Being.

Labor Market

SAM believes that all students should be well-prepared for their future employment. This means that education programs should align with the requirements of the labor market. Furthermore, students should have sufficient possibilities to orient themselves for their future career, for example, by doing an internship.

Personal Development

SAM believes that extracurricular activities such as honours programs and an active student life contributes significantly to the personal development of students. SAM ensures that Tilburg University values these activities properly and stimulates students to develop themselves in their own way.

Current projects

Amnesty letter

Student Party SAM wrote a letter to the Executive Board of Tilburg University. SAM once again expressed their concerns about student safety and sexual harassment

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BSA Memo

For the second year in a row SAM handed in a memo on the BSA. We did this for two reasons. Firstly the continuous switch

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Housing Letter

At the beginning of the academic year SAM wrote a letter to the Executive Board about the housing situation. The housing problem has existed for

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Free Menstrual Products

Student Party SAM handed in an initiative asking for the possibility of availability to get menstrual products on campus, without costs. The university has agreed

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Fractie SAM calendar

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Latest news

Convenant 2021-2022

We are happy to announce that the convenant for the elections of 2021-2022 is signed by all participating parties! You can read the convenant here.

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SAM list of 2022!

We are proud to present our candidates for the upcoming university council elections. Make sure you vote SAM on April 12, 13 and 14 to

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