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Besides having a board, student party SAM has many committees, where you can contribute to a better university. If you have ideas and want to be active outside of your curriculum, don’t hesitate to send us a message or come by in our office at E2.06!

Acquisition committee

Within the acquisition committee you have the biggest opportunity to develop yourself. You will learn and/or improve skills on how to budget, reach out to companies, marketing and networking. In this committee you will help us reach our acquisition goal and complete for a prize at the end of the year.

Events committee

The events committee will help organise a number of major events during the year, both at and outside the university. These events range from formal events such as the ‘Teacher of the Year Election’ to informal parties such as the ‘Night of the Profs’. Within this committee you have enormous space to come up with your own ideas for new activities. You will get the unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the organisation of large events. Furthermore, the committee is responsible to keep all the committee members active and involved by creating bonds within and amongst the committee by organising parties and bonding activities. As a member of this committee you will develop yourself in the field of organisation, cooperation, initiative and creative thinking. 

Election committee

The election committee is tasked with assisting the head of elections during the elections and earlier visibility days. This committee helps in organising the monthly visibility day and improving the visibility during the elections. One of the ways how this is achieved is by brainstorming about fun and unique concepts to pull students in and convince them to vote for SAM. Another way is by supporting the candidates and board on-campus during the election days.

As a member of this committee you will develop yourself in organisation, networking and social skills. It also allows you to be actively involved in fun visibility days and enjoy your achievements during the election party.

First year committee

The First Year committee is for the new members joining studentparty SAM. This committee is mostly for students to meet new people at the university and to get to know SAM as a party more easily. Within this committee, you will organise activities which you are allowed to shape yourself.

Promo committee

The promo committee will take care of the posts on our social media platforms. In order to keep Students of Tilburg  informed about what SAM is all about and what is happening at the university. Furthermore it it is responsible for the internal newsletter, were you will keep the members and other students informed and entertained with updates about our work in the university council, fun stories, interviews, puzzles and more. And in addition to this the committee will help with the News flush (external paper). Within this committee you will learn how to work with photoshop and programs like Canva. You will learn essential soft skills such as meeting and collaborating, but you will also improve your writing skills.

SAMinar committee

As a member of this committee you will be considered our eyes and ears on campus. You will give your input on the current student matters and give an indication of what you can encounter at the university as a student. When you encounter a topic that is relevant for a broader group of students you can organise a seminar. The purpose of a SAMinar event is giving information through a guest speaker and to gather students’ opinions on a wide range of subjects. In this committee you will learn to study and discuss policy documents, organise seminars and to gather the opinions of the Tilburg students.

Wellbeing committee

This committee is the committee to brainstorm about Wellbeing and Wellbeing facilities at our university. Next to that, we organise a number of small events in the theme of wellbeing for the students at our university. Think about symposiums, painting classes and walks or meditation events. If you are interested in Wellbeing or social safety, this committee would be a perfect fit for you!

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