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Emergency housing

We value internationalisation of the university, but see how students, both international and Dutch, have troubles finding proper housing. To excel at your studies, we think it is important to be able to live in a safe and welcoming environment. Therefore, we want to take action and support Student Housing in Tilburg (SHT) by being in close contact with them in order to provide emergency housing for students. Furthermore, we as SAM want to set up a long term solution for this problem. Are you interested in thinking along with us? Please reach out! We are always open to new ideas.

About Student Housing in Tilburg (SHT)

SHT is a couchsurfing initiative for the students of Tilburg, organized by a group of former students who have been happily housing internationals themselves over the course of four years. It is inspired by Groningen’s SOS (Shelter Our Students) campaign with the intent of giving homeless students a higher chance of finding permanent housing during their temporary stay. Similarly, SHT aims to inform more house owners of the current accommodation crisis, in the hopes of increasing the number of emergency beds in and around our city. Since the national shortage of housing cannot be fixed overnight, they are committed to help as much as they can instead.

We support this initiative as we deem it important that all students receive proper housing. That is why we are a partner in this project and actively promote it.

SHT operates by matching homeless students with house owners able to offer any sort of temporary accommodation (from couches and air mattresses to studios and spare rooms), based on both parties’ needs, availabilities, and personalities. SHT offers their guidance at all times and would be happy to mediate introductions to the best of their abilities.

In the meantime, considering that most international students are unable to attend viewings while still in their countries, SHT offers to become their representatives. Once at the viewing of choice, they take pictures, ask questions on the student’s behalf, and gather every piece of useful information coming our way. Through this method, as an international student still living abroad, you have a better chance of finding accommodation and scammers are avoided. Do not hesitate to reach studenthousingintilburg@gmail.com to request our presence at your viewings.

For more information, check out the website of SHT.

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