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The University Council consists of nine employees and nine students from the university. They are elected through annual (students) or biannual (employees) elections among all students and staff. The council is a serious interlocutor of the board and formally influences the policy and the state of affairs within the university.

The council reviews proposed decisions of the Executive Board and brings issues from within the organization to the Board’s attention. Where necessary, the Council will use its rights to correct the Board’s proposals or issue proposals of its own. In this way, the University Council contributes to a healthy and balanced distribution of interests and influence within the university.

Interested in what Student Party SAM wants to achieve in the upcoming years? Read our Election Program of 2023-2024 here!

The elections take place from April 11 up to April 13, 2023.

1. Amber van Dun

“Make student well-being and social safety a priority”

Amber van Dun is our number 1 this year. Amber is 21 years old and currently in the third year of the bachelor Economics & Business Economics. Amber is an active member of T.S.V. Plato and her sorority Perplex. Additionally, she works at  Intermezzo and sports a lot.

To Amber, student well-being and social safety are important subjects. Everyone should find our university a safe and nice environment to work on their future. Amber wants to raise more awareness for student well-being because she herself knows how hard it is to struggle with this out of her own past.

1. Amber van Dun

Economics and business economics

2. Max Beijer

“Make minor programs more flexible and interdisciplinary”

Our number 2 this year is Max Beijer. Max is 23 years old and is currently in his third year of the bachelor Dutch Law. 

To Max it is important that students can get the most out of their studies, therefore he pleads for more options for flexible and interdisciplinary studying. This can be reached by making better use of digitizing education, by giving students more options to follow courses and minors outside their own faculty or even university, and by creating ways to do an internship whiteout delaying your studies.

2. Max Beijer

Dutch Law

3. Roel van Hoof

“Improve facilities to ensure a high-quality study environment”

Roel van Hoof is our number 3 this year. Roel is 21 years old and currently in his first year of the bachelor Organization Studies. Roel likes to play football and to end an evening with a drink.

Because more and more students are coming to campus after the pandemic, Roel wants to create high-quality facilities on campus, available for all students of Tilburg University. For example, creating more study space and adjusting the current reservation system. He also wants to create opportunities for students to prepare for the labor market. For example, training on business etiquette, LinkedIn, or applying for a job.

3. Roel van Hoof

Organization Studies

4. Riley roodenburg

“Implement blended learning to digitize education”

This year our number 4 on the list is Riley Roodenburg. Riley is 21 years old and currently in his first year of International Business Administration. Riley has been active in the events committee of SAM. Besides that, he is also an active member of Die Blauwe Schuite from T.S.C. Sint Olof. Additionally, Riley works at the employment agency Barkeepers which specializes in catering industry activities in and around Breda and Tilburg. 

During a board year, Riley wants to ensure that more lectures are available online. This ensures that students that cannot make it to campus due to circumstances of any kind, can catch up on information they missed. Additionally, it gives students more time to focus on extra activities besides their studies. Which, in turn, lets students develop themselves.

4. Riley Roodenburg

International Business Administration

5. Sanne Smits

“Our University should be a welcoming place for both Dutch and international students”

Our number 5 this year is Sanne Smits. Sanne is 20 years old and currently in her second year of Global Law. Besides her studies, she is also an active member of Magister JFT and part of the Nomosphone podcast team of TLS.

To Sanne, it is of utmost importance that both Dutch and international students feel welcome and understood at our University. Therefore, Sanne wants to commit herself to improving both the quality and accessibility off well-being resources. As well as, closing the quality gap between online and on-campus education, so that all students get the same quality of education. Furthermore, Sanne also wants to expand the student housing initiative because she believes that every student deserves a proper place to stay while attending their studies, as well as a chance to experience their University’s student culture.

5. Sanne Smits

Global Law

6. Stijn Smits

“Prepare students for successful careers by expanding internship possibilities”

Stijn Smits is studying the masters Accountancy and Tax Economics. Stijn is also active in various committees at Asset Accounting & Finance, T.F.V. De Smeetskring, and the Business Club Asset.

He wants to strive for a better transition to and better preparation for the job market. He wants to do this by allowing students to become more familiar with companies by integrating more guest lectures, for example. Additionally, he also wants to improve the possibilities for internships by adjusting the curriculum.

6. Stijn Smits

MSc Tax Economics & MSc Accountancy

7. juliette burmanje

“Education for all, regardless of students’ circumstances”

Juliette Burmanje is our number 7 on the list this year. She is 21 years old and currently in her third year of the bachelor Sociology. Besides her studies, she is a member of T.S.R. Vidar. Juliette is also working as a student assistant at various secondary schools in Tilburg.

Juliette’s mission is to make good education possible for all students from Tilburg University, regardless of their circumstances. This includes better support and help where needed and when asked for.

7. Juliette Burmanje


8. Linde Adelerhof

“Close the gap between education and the labor market”

Our number 8 on the list is Linde Adelerhof, a master student Human Resource Studies. She is a member of Navigators Tilburg and sorority Adar. Next to that, she is employed as a student assistant at Tilburg University!

Linde prioritizes enclosing the gap between education at Tilburg University and the labor market, as students do not often know what to expect when they enter the labor market. She strives to achieve this by promoting the opportunities for career support the university offers.

8. Linde Adelerhof

Msc Human Resource Studies

9. Dagmar Oeijen

“Receive more recognition for development next to your studies”

Dagmar Oeijen is 22 years old and in her first year of the bachelor Psychology. Before studying at Tilburg University, she studied at Maastricht University for three years. Furthermore, Dagmar is an active member of T.S.R. Vidar, where she enjoys her time in the rowing boat as well as next to it. She is also an active member of the study association Complex. In addition to her student life, Dagmar works at the company Pondres. 

Dagmar’s goal is that ALL students of Tilburg University receive more recognition for development next to their studies. In addition, she wants to focus on making the university more sustainable!

9. Dagmar Oeijen


Dutch law

ESN Tilburg

TSV Plato

Public Administration


AIESEC Tilburg

TSC St. Olof

TSTV Lacoste

TSV Plato


MSA Tilburg

TSR Vidar

MSc Medical Psychology

TSC St. Olof

ESN Tilburg, Avalon, Animo

MSc Finance & MSc Information Management

Dutch Law

Communication & Information Sciences

Via Fidei

TSV Plato

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