Elections april 28 - april 30, 2021

The University Council consists of nine employees and nine students from the university. They are elected through annual (students) or biennial (employees) elections among all students and staff. The council is a serious interlocutor of the board and formally influences the policy and the state of affairs within the university.

The council reviews proposed decisions of the Executive Board and brings issues from within the organization to the Board’s attention. Where necessary, the Council will use its rights to correct the Board’s proposals or issue proposals of its own.  In this way, the University Council contributes to a healthy and balanced distribution of interests and influence within the university.

Interested in joining the university council? Read more about doing a board year at student party SAM here.

The elections for students took place from April 28 up to April 30, 2021.

1. Noortje Zegers

“Facilitate the best resources for our education, while ensuring your personal wellbeing is protected.”

This year our leading candidate is Noortje Zegers. Noortje is 22 years old and is currently in the third year of her bacherlor Psychology, as well as taking some courses at the Radboud University. Since her second year in Tilburg she has done several committees at S.A. Complex and she is a member from T.S.R. Cave ne Cadas. 



2. Jochem Klaassen

“Increasing the value of your diploma with the highest quality of education.”

Jochem Klaassen is our runner up candidate. He studies Public Governance and is currently in the second year of his education. Last year he did committee work at Magister JFT | Juribes and is active at C.S. Via Fidei. 


Public Governance

3. Tessa Chambon

“All students, both Dutch and International, are to be housed properly.”

Our number three this year is Tessa Chambon, she is 19 years old and in her second year of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She is a member of S.A. Extra Muros where she is in the education committee. During high school she participated in the European Youth Parliament. 



4. Lotte de Jager

“The growth of the university should not hinder its students.”

Lotte de Jager is in the 4th place this year. Lotte studies Business Economics and is currently also a member of Asset | Accounting and Finance. 


Business Economics

5. Charlotte Hüser

“Creating more resources for the wellbeing of all students as a priority.”

Charlotte Hüser is at number 5 this year. Charlotte is 20 years old and is in the third year of the bachelor Psychology. In the first year of her studies she has been active at S.A. Complex and is currently a member of T.S.V. Plato and her sorority Mumtaz Dica.



6. Harm Weren

“Efficient and innovative ways of managing digitalization for futureproof education.”

Harm Weren is number 6 this year. Harm is 21 years old and is in the second year of his study CIS. He is a member of Olof, and his fraternity Odin.



7. Veerle Meijs

“A sustainable campus for the next student generations.”

At place 7 we find Veerle Meijs. Veerle is active within T.S.V. Plato, and her sorority Perplex, and I*ESN Tilburg.



8. Aleksandra van der Linden

“Connect the content of the courses to the demands of the labor market.”

Aleksandra van der Linden is on spot 8 this year. Aleksandra studies CIS and is a member of S.A. Flow.



9. Danny Ester

“All students need flexible education to develop themselves on a personal level.”

Danny Ester is in 9th place this year. Danny is in the second year of Public Governance. He is a member of T.S.C. Olof and fraternity Die Blauwe Schuite.

Public Governance