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The University Council consists of nine employees and nine students from the university. They are elected through annual (students) or biannual (employees) elections among all students and staff. The council is a serious interlocutor of the board and formally influences the policy and the state of affairs within the university.

The council reviews proposed decisions of the Executive Board and brings issues from within the organization to the Board’s attention. Where necessary, the Council will use its rights to correct the Board’s proposals or issue proposals of its own. In this way, the University Council contributes to a healthy and balanced distribution of interests and influence within the university.

Interested in what Student Party SAM wants to achieve in the upcoming years? Read our Election Program of 2024-2025 here!

The elections take place from April 16 up to April 18, 2024.

1. Jazlyn van den Broek

“Bringing a central wellbeing point to our campus” 

Jazlyn van den Broek is this years number 1 on our list. Jazlyn (or Jazz) is 21 years old. She is currently doing a fourth year in the Bachelor Liberal Arts and Sciences. Within the LAS program she does the Law in International Context major. Jazz is a member within ESN Tilburg as a barmanager. Additionally Jazz works at the Efteling.

Her goal is to strive for an accessible university where the mental wellbeing of students is guaranteed. She finds it important that students can not just study at Tilburg University, but also develop themselves and have a social life, as in her opinion all three are important to become a participating member of society. She has experienced herself how tough this can be, which is why she is taking 4 years to do her studies. She wants to raise awareness for mental health, to prevent other students from having to take study delay.

1. Jazlyn van den Broek

Liberal Arts and Sciences

2. Max Remmerswaal

“Making education accessible for all students on and off campus” 

Max Remmerswaal is this years number 2 on our list. Max is 23 years old and currently in his first year of the Master Clinical Psychology.

Besides his studies, Max keeps himself busy as a member of Complex. In his free time, he likes to watch sports or spend time with friends.

To Max it is important that all students can get accessibility to education on and off campus. Every student should have equal access to education, regardless of their personal circumstances. Max want to address the importance of having the option to attend classes and lectures online in cases such as illness.
Furthermore Max wants to ensure that everyone should be able to physically attend lectures if they want to. Max strives for easily accessible buildings and support for those who need 

2. Max Remmerswaal

MSc. Clinical Psychology

3. Lucas Boerman

“Improving online education by providing recorded lectures”

Lucas Boerman is this years number 3 on our list. Lucas is 22 years old and currently in his second year of the Master Tax Economics. Besides his studies, Lucas keeps himself busy as a member of the Education Committee of the Master Tax Economics and he is also a member of T.F.V. de Smeetskring.

To Lucas it is important that students can get a high level of education, while also being able to develop themselves outside of their studies. That is why he pleads for flexible studies with easy to use online options for students. This can be reached by making better use of digitizing education in terms of recording lectures and creating a centralized TiU application with all information needed and even a digital student card. This way students have easy access to a high quality of education, while also being able to develop themselves outside of their studies.

3. Lucas Boerman

MSc. Tax Economics

4. Buse Ulusoy

“Access to affordable and suitable student housing for all students”

Buse Ulusoy is this years number 4 on our list. Buse is 19 years old, and in her first year of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Bachelor. She keeps herself occupied in entrepreneurial events.

Buse prioritizes focusing on mental wellbeing and student housing. She believes that advocating for mental wellbeing on campus will make students’ university life more enjoyable. Buse also aims to put her best effort into resolving the ongoing issue about finding affordable and accesible student housing for every student, especially for international students. She knows how important these factors affect a student’s academic life on daily basis, she aims to make it possible for future students to receive the help necessary to help them kick off their new academic year with ease.

4. Buse Ulusoy

Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

5. Laura van Gorkom

“Creating opportunities to develop yourself besides your studies”

Laura van Gorkom is our number 5 this year. Laura is 21 years old, graduated in Communication- and Information Sciences and is currently studying Dutch Law. She is a member of T.S.V Plato and her sorority Nontemba. In her free time, she likes to work in a craft beer café.

She finds it important that everyone has the opportunity to make the most of their student days. Therefore, she wants to focus on increasing flexibility by providing pre-recorded lectures, more areas to study and better quality of study areas (for example by offering more power outlets and more vending machines with school supplies). This way, students can create their own schedules and independently work on their schoolwork.

5. Laura van Gorkom

Dutch Law and Communication & Information Sciences

6. Bob Musters

“Building a better campus for all students”

Bob Musters is this years number 6 on our list. Bob is 20 years old and currently in his second year of the bachelor Public Administration. Besides his studies, he is a member of his study Association Magister JFT | Juribes.

Bob emphasizes the significance of prioritizing student well-being and advocates for the creation of a campus environment that feels like home. He believes that achieving this goal requires the provision of excellent facilities, including increased study spots and a broader assortment of items in vending machines. By implementing these improvements, Bob aims to establish a space conducive not only to studying but also to personal growth and success.

6. Bob Musters

Public Administration

7. Daniël Schot

“Improving the communication towards international students” 

Daniël Schot is this years number 7 on our list. Daniël is a 21-year-old currently in his last year of the Bachelor Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence. Besides his studies, Daniël keeps himself occupied as a member of S.V Flow as well as being found on the pitches of T.S.V.V. Merlijn.

Daniël’s biggest priority for the university council is to work on the communication towards international students, especially when just starting their studies. To spearhead this, he wants to increase the reach of the international booklet, made as a handheld for internationals, through new and existing channels. In addition, he wants to improve on easing the transition for international students, creating an open and accessible university for all.

7. Daniël Schot


8. Roan Besems

“For improving blended learning and excellent study facilities”

Roan Besems is this years our  number 8 on our list. Roan is 22 years old and is currently in his 3th year of the bachelor sociology. Roan is a former member of the educational committe of sociology and study association Versot. At the moment, he is finishing his bachelor sociology and is a member of SAM in the Wellbeing- committee. Besides that, he also has a job in the marketing and recruitment department at our university.

For Roan, it is important that all students have acces to education, regardless their situation. This means that lectures should be availeble on both campus and online. This makes it easier for students to combine their personal life with their studies. Also Roan cares a lot about students wellbeing, hence his committment in the SAM wellbeing committee. At last, Roan wants more flexible rules regarding eating and drinking in classrooms rooms or study places. At the moment, these rules in for example the cube building are controversial. ‘Student should be allowed to drink a cup of coffee or have a small snack during their study sessions. This increases productivity and gives students more autonomy’


8. Roan Besems


9. Danny Ester

“Improving the Mensa and on campus food and beverage options”

Danny Ester is this years number 9 on our list. Danny is 24 years old and a 5th year student public administration. He is a member of T.S.C Olof and fraternity Die Blauwe Schuite.

You may have seen him on our list before in which he showed his passion for cooking. This is why he believes in improving the Mensa and on campus food and beverage options.

9. Danny Ester

Public Administration

Business Economics

Dutch Law

Human Resource Studies

Human Resource Studies

Business Analytics & Operations Research

T.S.Z.W.V. Avalon



Navigators Tilburg

Communication & Information Sciences


MSc. Tax Economics

S.C.A. Fortis

VSA Tilburg

Business Communication and Digital Media

MSA Tilburg

T.S.A.V. Parcival

Public Administration

T.S.S.V. Braga

ESN Tilburg

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