Doing a board year

What does it entail?

SAM is a student party in the University Council. This is THE body in which you represent the 20,000 students at Tilburg University. As an elected student representative, you will participate in a fulltime board year at one of the largest organizations in the region. You will take a seat at the council with your fellow board members and discuss major topics such as strategy, budgeting, and the growth of the university. Together with your party you represent the ambitious student. You will be in close contact with numerous organizations such as the faculties, nationwide student unions, teachers, and student boards. This combination of participating in policy decisions and building up a large network through attending social events, makes a board year at SAM diverse and rewarding! 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for students at Tilburg University that want to develop themselves on a personal and professional level and who seek to challenge themselves by participating in policy discussions. Furthermore, important qualities like ambition, perseverance and taking initiative match that of a student representative. It is also important to enjoy working together with a board and wanting to develop your knowledge on an educational, organizational, and political level. Finally, are you energetically willing to take part in the student elections in April? Do you have ideas about improving the campus? Do you want to raise awareness about relevant topics? Then we are looking for you to do a full time board year at student party SAM!

All the benefits:

  • A look behind the scenes of the largest employer in the region, in which you sit at the table with the board

  • Contact with external parties and experts on several fields

  • Acquaintance with (student) politics

  • CV building: you gain relevant experience which is useful in your later career

  • Enlarge both your professional and social network

  • Informative: you are being challenged to get out of your comfort zone, and you learn to lobby, discuss, persuade and cooperate

  • You actively influence and try to improve the quality of this university

  • You represent 20,000 students!

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Doing a board year

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