Student Housing in Tilburg

We are proud to announce our new project:

Student Housing in Tilburg (SHT) is a non-profit initiative that matches homeless students with residents willing to host them for up to three months. SHT operates by matching homeless students with house owners able to offer any sort of temporary accommodation (from couches and air mattresses to studios and spare rooms), based on both parties’ needs, availability, and personalities. 

As a partner of SHT, our intention is to give homeless students a higher chance of finding permanent housing during their temporary stay. Similarly, we aim to inform more house owners of the current accommodation crisis, in the hopes of increasing the number of emergency beds in and around our city. Since the national shortage of housing cannot be fixed overnight, we are committed to helping as much as we can instead.

In the meantime, considering that most international students are unable to attend viewings while still in their home countries, SHT offers to become their representatives. Once at the viewing of choice, the representative will take pictures, ask questions on the student’s behalf, and gather every piece of useful information coming our way. Through this method, an international student still living abroad will have a better chance of finding accommodation that suits their needs and also avoids being scammed.

Do you need temporary housing or are you interested in hosting a student yourself? Register here.

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