Update Proctorio: SAM voices your concerns!

As most of you know, Tilburg University is busy looking into possibilities to enable digital examination via Proctorio, a remote proctoring program. In the past few weeks we as a party and you as students shared concerns about the use of this program and especially its implications surrounding privacy. Hence, SAM released a statement addressing Tilburg University on the 15th of April, which expressed these concerns and requested clearer communication. As a result, the university hosted an additional Daily Board meeting on the 17th of April in order to achieve more transparency.

During this meeting, SAM had the opportunity to ask critical questions about the motivation of the University to utilize Proctorio and the chance to represent all students to the best of its ability.

However, SAM (and Front) did not have the opportunity to influence the university in any way considering the decision to give a definite ‘go’ for the implementation of Proctorio on our university. Therefore, it should be addressed that this decision is made by the executive board and not by us as your representive student party.

We as SAM want and can ensure the following:

Clearer communication: From now on, the university should update students more regularly and in a clearer manner.

– Represent the student: As of now, SAM has established that both student parties will be more involved by the university in the process of exploring Proctorio to make sure that the concerns of you, the student, will be taken into account.

– Provide answers: In order to inform everyone optimally about the technical and privacy implications of the proctoring program, SAM is exploring opportunities to provide more detailed information.


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