University Council 16 December 2016

December 20, 2016

The sports canteen has been extensively highlighted, but the University Council of 16 December 2016 and the previous committee meetings were about much more than that. Discussions included the Tilburg Education Profile (TOP), the plan for 1000 days BKO budget, reserve policy, and the renting of a new building by the university.

We start with TOP. This was hardly ever seen in the University Council, thanks to fireworks in the meeting of RD&V on 6 December. The content of the TOP implementation plan was not emphasized here, because all groups found the process extremely unclear. The SAM Group also sees problems here. We are pleased to see that many of our ideas are included in the plans, but we see a great deal of uncertainty in the implementation. It is not 100% clear which components are in the faculties, which are central, and who has what to say about them. TOP will be back in the council in February. There SAM will once again stand up for all students!

We have also made ourselves clear about the plan to ensure that all teachers are qualified for the classroom in 1000 days. The plan to ensure that all teachers get this qualification, the BKO, is in our opinion good but too limited. All teachers with a limited appointment (0.4fte or less), and teachers with a temporary appointment (for example PhD’s), were excluded from the program. This while it is precisely these people who provide the most education. As Romy said in the University Council: “You cannot drive a car without a driving licence. So why can a teacher teach without a qualification? We think the plan is good in principle, but too limited, and do not think we can defend it to the Tilburg student. We have therefore abstained from voting.

Now for good news. In order to give the new faculty of Public Governance a place, the university is temporarily renting a new building. It turned out that there was room left in this building. Thanks to questions from SAM in both the Council and CTIF-CFI, 60 student workstations are being realized in this space!

This leaves the budget and the reserve policy of the University. The University’s reserve policy has received a unanimous negative advice from the Council. This was not due to the phasing out of faculty reserves, with which the Council agrees. However, faculties have been promised to start this in 2018, while it is written in 2017. The council found this unacceptable.

The budget had little fireworks. However, SAM did express its concerns about the decreasing amount of money that the University receives from the State. We are afraid that the study advance, our money, will be used as compensation for these cuts. That was not the idea of abolishing the basic grant, and we will follow this up through our national connections. We have also expressed our concerns about the lack of sustainability plans. We will receive more information about this.

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