Well-being Day | Thursday 2nd of March, 2023

What is the Well-being Day?

The Tilburg Well-being Day is an annual event organized by Student Party SAM. On this day,
several lectures and workshops are organized that focus on physical, mental, and social well-
being. During this session, students learn more about well-being and are offered tools they
can use to improve their own well-being.

Why should I participate?

You may have several reasons to participate. If you want to improve your well-being, but are
not so sure what you can do yourself to get started, the Well-being Day is suitable for you.
Also if you specifically want to work on your physical, social, and/or mental well-being, this is
of course possible by looking at which workshops and lectures about this are interesting for

Who is it for?

This day is primarily aimed at Tilburg students, since more and more students struggle with
their well-being and Student Party SAM wants to help these students. But: employees of
Tilburg University are also welcome! We find the well-being of employees at the university
just as important, and want to offer employees the opportunity to participate in one or more
workshops or lectures if they are interested. However, for workshops or lectures with a
maximum number of participants, priority is given to Tilburg University students.

What workshops and lectures are there?

Below is a short overview of all workshops and lectures that are organized:

Mindfulness: Anusha Bhowmik

9.30h – 10.00h, Zwijssen Building
In this workshop, Anusha is going to simplify what mindfulness meditation really is and help
you cultivate your own practice for the same. In a world full of so much contradictory
information, she will explain the true power lies in understanding that in order to live a
mindful life, all that you need is already within you!

Positief Perfectionism: Indira Vaessen

10.45h -12.30h, Esplanade Building – Black Box
The workshop Positive Perfectionism strives to give you insight into how your perfectionism
works and why you might be a perfectionist. Together we will discuss what works for you and
how we can turn your (‘negative’) perfectionism over to positive perfectionism!

Intuïtief painting – Lenny de Haan

Multiple timeslots: 11.00h – 12.30h, 13.00h – 14.30h, 14.45h – 16.15h
The workshop intuitive strives to engage with our feelings, as most people work with brain
areas where intellect, logic, and technical thinking are all located. You will try to engage with
your feelings and express those by painting.
This is based on the Vedic Arts principles. Vedic comes from Indian Sanskrit, meaning
knowledge/wisdom. The fundamental understanding of Vedic Art is that we all have great
creative power and knowledge within ourselves. Painting can be an important tool to unfold
these resources so that they can be used in life and art.

Voeding: Vegan Student Association Tilburg

15.00h – 16.00h, MDZ2
Because of the climate crisis, animal suffering, and for health reasons, more and more people
decide to try out a vegan diet or lifestyle. It is often a reaction to a wake-up call: why do we
do what we do, and does this action or choice makes life more meaningful? In this short
presentation, VSA Tilburg will provide some information on veganism and why can be
beneficial for your well-being.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! You can contact us for questions at
wellbeingday@fractiesam.nl. In addition, we can be reached on Instagram
(@tilburgwellbeingday) and on Twitter (013wellbeingday). We are always open to feedback
and suggestions to improve our program, so for this, you can also contact us through the above

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