University Council Update – October 2022

The politics of Tilburg University are in full swing again, and Student Party SAM is busily representing all students in the board year 2022-2023. Topics such as quality of education, housing, and well-being are significant issues of concern to SAM. Subsequently, during the first committee meetings and council meetings, the board members worked hard to address all students’ worries concerning these topics. 

First of all, we have started the project Student Housing in Tilburg. This is a couchsurfing initiative for students without permanent housing, so they have a roof over their heads. Students without shelter and people with a place to stay (couch, extra room, etc.) can apply through 

In the first council meeting, SAM voiced their concerns about not always having an extra examination chance whenever students have Covid-19. The executive board said they were going to look into providing extra chances for vulnerable groups and on a case-by-case basis, but will not provide a general third chance. Next to that, the topic of an ombudsperson for students was on the agenda. SAM asked for this last February, and Fractie Front has sent an initiative to the executive board about this. The executive board responded positively. They are going to await the conclusions of the evaluation of the ombudsperson for staff members and see if there is a need for an ombudsperson for students after that. Furthermore, a dashboard will be developed in which the strategy of 2027 can be shown. SAM suggested making it possible for students to view this dashboard. The Executive Board liked this idea and they will realize this. Lastly, SAM asked the Executive Board for an evaluation of the measures that have been taken regarding housing of its students. The Executive Board thinks their measures for temporary accommodation are sufficient, and SAM will remain involved in the discussions regarding other measures. 

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