University Council Update – November 2023

In the university council we had a discussion about the Autumn management rapportage  (Marap) and the midterm review of the strategy weaving minds with the executive board. We asked the board to make the tangible indicators of the midterm evaluation a bit more SMART so we as a university council party have more clear insight in how the progress of the projects of the university is going. The executive board promised us to look into this.

We asked the executive board about the problem of the NS skipping the Tilburg University train station; this has already happened 50 times in the past two months. The executive board agreed with us that this is a big problem and that steps will be taken in this. They will write a letter to the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) to find a solution.

Student Party SAM handed in a memo to bring back the chocolate milk and the cup a soup into the coffee machines of the University because we got lots of complaints from students and staff about this.

We also handed in a memo to expand the minor options that Tilburg University offers and a clearer overview of the minors with more information on the website. We really think that students should be able to take interdisciplinary courses and even should be able to take courses at other universities.

Next to that, we wrote a letter to the executive board together with the Vegan Student Association (VSA) about the monotony in the vegan options the University offers and the lack of a vegan label. We ask the board to look into the offer and the communication of vegan foods.

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