University Council Update – June 2023

On the 8th of June, the fifth University Council of this academic year took place. SAM handed in a letter and some other interesting topics were on the agenda. 

Firstly, we handed in a letter to the Executive Board in which we ask for training sessions for student board members regarding cybersecurity. We deem it important that the data of students who are registered at associations are stored safely. We have asked the Executive Board to facilitate measures and help student board members to achieve this. We hope this will take place in the form of training sessions.

We voiced our concerns about the mice problem in the Library and Montesquieu during the discussion of the Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) document. The Executive Board announced that from July 1st onwards, eating warm meals and drinking anything other than water will not be allowed in the Library anymore. Warm meals can be eaten in the Garden Chamber behind the Mensa, which will be equipped with microwaves. Snacks are still allowed, but only in the Coffee Corner. Measures are being taken in the Montesquieu building to get rid of the mice there. Any other ideas and suggestions are welcome.

We also voiced our concerns about the temperature in the Esplanade building at the offices of various student and study associations. The climate of this building will be evaluated later this year. 

Moreover, the temporary expansion of the Sports Center will not take place anymore, due to higher costs than expected. An alternative plan would be to only realize parts of the plans for the temporary expansion. FOSST will remain involved in these discussions.

Next to that, the Numerus Fixus for the Bachelor Psychology program will remain at 700 students for the academic year of 2024/2025.

The FIRMa was discussed. This contains the headlines for the policy and budgets for the faculties and services. The money for the quality agreements (from the “basisbeurs”) will not be supervised by the Ministry anymore from 2025 onwards, so it will be put in the general budget (lumpsum). We will monitor this closely in the headlines of the budget. Furthermore, the university has ICT as a priority and wants to invest in this. Concrete plans about this will follow later.

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