University Council Update – July 2024

In the 6th and last University Council as the 29th board and academic year on the 11th of July, didn’t contain a lot of discussion points.

The questions we had were all answered in the committee meetings before the University council. We consented to the BBR and the selection regulations for the master Psychology. We also gave positive advice for the Management Rapportage (MaRap) and the ITK self-evaluation. The positive advice for the ITK was with the side notes, because the common EER information needs to be changed. 

This University Council we submitted 2 letters and 1 memo.

The first letter was about making use of smart devices to measure the occupancy rate of lecture halls to reduce evening lectures. This will allow the university to be smarter about the use of  buildings and especially scheduling of classes. The goal is to reduce the number of evening classes and exams.

The second letter is about Tilburg University’s diversity & inclusion network. We asked the board to look at the networks of other cities and take an example of these extended diversity and inclusion networks. In other cities they have a very broad network when it comes to D&I. Something where there are still many opportunities for Tilburg University.

The memo that was submitted is about studying with support needs. We asked the Executive board to set up a working group that identifies the barriers for the students with support needs and the impact their support needs have on their studies. We would eventually like to see that the educational facilities are fully embedded in the education that Tilburg University provides.

Finally, we addressed the disappearance of the chocolate milk once again. We explicitly asked the board to look into possible sugar-free options. This way, the missed chocolate milk can possibly make its re-entry on this campus!

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