University Council Update – February 2024

The third University council we went to visit JADS in ‘S Hertogenbosch. We discussed the following topics: 

  • Annual Plan Occupational Health, Safety & Environment 2024 
  • TiU Quality Assurance Framework Education
  • Enrollment and Tuition Fee Regulations 2024- 2025 
  • Evaluation position student assessor 

These matters were thoroughly deliberated during the committee meeting, therefore there was no need for further discussion in the University council. 

The executive board announced that they have spoken with the NS regarding the bypassing of the Tilburg University train station, following our inquiry during the first University Council of this year. Steps will be taken to address this issue in the short term, and efforts will be made to explore better alternatives in collaboration with experts from Tilburg University on this matter. 

Lastly, we handed in a memo about expanding the good to go boxes at Tilburg University. They are already effective in the Mensa, Greenery and the AH to go, but we asked the executive board to expand this to the Esplanade Café, the Faculty Club and Catering for meetings in the University. We hope to minimize the food waste at Tilburg University. 

After the University council meeting, we had a meeting with the board of JADS and the Council of JADS. It was very interesting to get a look inside their academic and business plan. 

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