University Council Update – December 2023

During the second university council of this year, the Budget was discussed. We as Student Party SAM asked questions about the funding of the university and what kind of companies, institutions and funds are connected to the university. We also discussed the risks of JADS.

In the last university council meeting of this year we handed in an initiative about creating a central wellbeing point at our campus. The information at the website is hard to find and students have the feeling that they’re being sent from person to person. We asked the executive board to look into the possibility of creating a central wellbeing point where students can go to with all their questions regarding wellbeing. The results at other universities are very positive. At the wellbeing point, student employees help other students with their problems. Students prefer the personal contact and the students at the wellbeing point really have time to listen. The wellbeing desk is there to first of all listen, brainstorming about how to solve the problem, making sure that students are directed to the right person within our university and making sure students get the right information. We really think that this would be a great addition to the student wellbeing facilities the university already has.

We also wrote a memo about speeding up the implementation of a digital student card.

Tilburg University recently started with the ‘Untangle and Unburden’ project. A long term part of this project is to find an online solution for the Tilburg University student card. Whilst we are glad that Tilburg University acknowledges the need for an online student card, student party SAM wants to ask Tilburg University to prioritize finding an online solution for the TiU student card. Also because of the sustainable campus goals as set out in the Strategy.
Next to that, we handed in a memo with student party Front to ask the executive board to make it possible for pre-master students to vote during the university and faculty council elections. It contributes to a more inclusive, dynamic and balanced university community in which all voices are heard and valued.

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