Candidate Board 2016-2017

May 20, 2016

We proudly and enthusiastically present the candidate board for ’16-’17:


BAS VELDHUIZEN (SECRETARy), ANNELOES VAN DELFT (EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, council seat), MARNICK BOELEN (TREASURER), Yara muller (chairman, council seat), Jeroen Aben (vice-chairman, council seat), Romy van Limpt (DAILY BOARD, council seat).

Detailed explanation

For more than 20 years, studentparty SAM has been the voice of the students at Tilburg University. We are an organization that represents the interests of the students through our seats in the University Council. In addition to our participation tasks, we are also the link between the university and the student, which means that we maintain close contact with our supporters. Over the years, these participation and management tasks have expanded to such an extent that our activities and workload have increased considerably. In order to guarantee the quality of our participation and our management, we opted for an internal reorganization in 2015-2016.

On 1 September 2016, studentparty SAM will be given a broader scope and will move towards a student interest organization with six board members. Four board members were elected as student representatives in the University Council on behalf of studentparty SAM in the 2016 University Council elections. This means that four members will act as politician and two other members of the board of the SAM Studentenbelangorganisatie will help in the board. Within the SAM Studentenbelangorganisatie, the board members are put on an equal footing. With regard to the participation tasks and the work in the University Council, the members of the group will do the spokesmanship and make the decisions. After all, these four members of the group have been elected by the students of Tilburg University. The other board members therefore have a supporting role in this area, as they have no voice in the University Council and the committee meetings preceding it. In this sense, they strengthen the board. This is comparable to the division of labour within a political party, in which the elected members of the group are the spokespersons in the House of Representatives and the members of the group contribute to the preparation of this spokesperson.

Through this internal reorganization of the studentparty SAM , we hope to be able to represent and help students even better at Tilburg University. We also expect to use this path to reduce the link between the university and the student and to involve our supporters more closely in our work. Studentparty SAM is therefore very pleased about the expansion of the board and the transition to the SAM Student Interest Organization! We are very proud of the six top candidates of the candidate board ’16-’17 and in the meantime we are busy with the transfer!

Of course we are open to questions and tips about our internal reorganization! For this you can visit the SAM-room (E2.06) or send an e-mail to

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