Summary university council 23-05

Initiative Appreciation for Student Boards

Last year there was a working group tasked with redesigning the board grant system. In this document the current board system is simplified. However according to the opinion of student party SAM, in this document the appreciation for student boards is underrepresented in this document. The financial framework in this document puts additional pressure on the current board grants that are awarded to student boards. This does not comply with the additional pressure that individual board members experience due to an increased amount of events that are organized by student bodies. Because of this reason student party SAM stated that a positive advice is impossible. The Executive Board, SAM and Front agreed that the document will be discussed again next council so that additional meeting about valuation for student board can be had in advance.

You may find the full proposal here

Annual report Occupational Health, Safety and Environment 2018


To ensure good working conditions, Tilburg University aims at improving safety, health and well-being

at work. The university’s environmental policy is aimed at sustainable and environmentally responsable business operations. The Health & Safety & Environment policy applies to both employees and students at the university. The present document provides a brief

evaluation of the most important occupational health, safety and environmental issues that were

addressed at Tilburg University in 2018. Important topics in the document are: studying without hindrance, promoting a healthy lifestyle and prevention of absenteeism and sustainability.


Response to initiative proposal Front Extension Flexible Studying Pilot

Student Party Front has asked the Executive Board to examine the possibility to extend the pilot on flexible studying. In the current pilot the registration is open for three groups of students, caretakers, entrepreneurs and top athletes. Only 10 spots are filled.  There are also a lot of criteria, students must need. The Board has decided to broaden the criteria in two ways: 1. The minimum amount of ECTS that students have to attain will be lowered to 18 ECTS. This would allow more students to join the pilot, as there is a lower threshold. 2. The limits of eligibility will be extended to include chronically ill students. The Board has decided not to expand the pilot Flex studying to Student Board members, which was one of Fronts main requests from their proposal


Reaction to Initiative proposal Front Quality Agreements

Front has submitted an initiative proposal regarding the involvement of decentral participatory bodies on the spending on the ‘studievoorschotmiddelen’, after the Quality Agreements.

Front has developed a process plan in the form of a timeline on how the decentralized student

participatory bodies, program committees and Faculty Councils can be properly and timely involved in

the spending.


Marketshares 2018-2019 and pre registration 2019-2020


This document states the market shares from Tilburg University for the years 2011-2018. These shares mainly decide how much government funding universities get. In our university’s strategy is the goal to growth, and the numbers of new students are indeed increasing. Tilburg University grows more than other universities, which means our market shares have increased.

Assessment Policy Framework


In the assessment policy framework lie the guidelines regarding the processes of assessment. After the framework, a policy will be drawn up. The actual policy states how the things described in the framework should be done. The framework is based on the pyramid of contemporary testing and assessment.

 New scenario implementation real estate strategy

Because of, among other reasons, the rapid growth of the university and the pressure on the real estate market the executive board suggested some changes to the real estate vision. They suggest to postpone the renovation of Dante, TIAS and Montesquieu. This will free up more educational and office spaces for the coming 4 years. It might also make it possible to start the build of the new building 3 sooner. All the parties in the university council advised positive on this initiative.

Proposal growth SAM

This year student party SAM handed in documents with suggestions pertaining to the growth and availability of workplaces at our campus. The executive board stated that they have taken measures e.g. extended opening hours of G building and the access gates at the library. Both student parties suggested a number of solutions. Some of the measures were taken to heart. The executive board decided to open the CUBE building during weekends in examination periods. They are also looking in to the scheduling and the publication of exam times.

The initiative:

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