University council 21-03-2019

–        Budget request accessibility Cobbenhagen

The current growth of the university is affecting the accessibility of the Cobbenhagen building. This causes congestion and irritation for all parties involved, especially when lecture changes are in progress. To alleviate the pressure on the glass corridor the executive board proposes to open up the royal entrance at the left side of the Cobbenhagen building permanently.  This will create more throughflow in the building. It will also create the option to utilize the courtyard garden for self-study places and events. All the parties in the university council voted positively on the initiative. The executive board will see to the execution of the plan.

–        Third letter of amendment 2018

This piece contains the technical closing of the financial year 2018. All the budgetary deviations of the 3e part of the year are included. Furthermore, the definitive government funding and division per control unit are depicted. All parties voted positively on the piece.

–        Budget request renewal rent Intermezzo

The lease on the Intermezzo building expires in October of 2019. By April 2019 the owner needs to know whether the lease will be renewed. The current growth ambitions of the university increase the need for extra space. All schools have indicated a need for extra space. Therefore, the executive board suggested to renew the lease for 5 years. The option to terminate prematurely will remain open. In this situation the university has an extra location available in the vicinity. All parties voted positively on the request.


–        Response to three initiative proposals in the field of sustainability

Party independents and Party Front have handed in three initiatives proposals with respect to sustainability. These proposals tackle a number of subjects, among which: sustainable growth, paid parking and a sustainability fund. The executive board will take all the suggestions under consideration in the Tilburg university sustainability plan. Furthermore, it was pointed out that Tilburg university scores very low in various sustainability rankings. The university will now work to increase her standing in these (inter)national rankings.


–        Response to initiative proposal SAM formative Testing and feedback

Student Party SAM Group proposed an initiative on Formative testing and feedback. In the current situation there is often only one testing moment at the end of a course and the student does not have many opportunities to get feedback on his or her work. This initiative states that testing should become a more continuous process with more feedback possibilities. The Executive Board agrees with this and has formative tests included in the action lines of the strategic plan. It will also be included in the university-wide testing policy

–        Process monitoring action plan 2018-2021

This document explains the current state of the action lines from the strategic plan. To be able to keep track of the progress of the action lines, a strategic dashboard will be drawn up. All parties from the council have given feedback on this. The strategic dashboard will be returned to the council; the parties can then discuss the content of the action lines themselves.

–        Initiative proposal communication and user friendliness Osiris

This council meeting student party SAM handed in an initiative proposal aimed at Osiris. There are a number of issues around Osiris, especially pertaining to communication and user-friendliness, which can be improved to make the system better for students. We outline some of the difficulty’s students experience and suggest some possible solutions for the problems e.g., notifications for schedule changes, automatic link scheduling to mytimetable and simplification of course codes. The executive board will look at the proposals and in which fashion they can be incorporated in the current Osiris system

–        Initiative proposal TEP 2.0

After the first Tilburg Educational Profile, a second profile is now being developed. SAM has set out in an initiative what they want to see in it. In addition to drawing attention to subjects from the first TEP that have not yet been fully implemented, new plans have also been incorporated. The three main topics of the initiative are the implementation of the TEP to the masters, the growth of the university and digitalization.

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