University Council 7 July 2017

July 07, 2017

Friday 7 July, the last University Council of this academic year took place. Now we give you the highlights!

Sports card: As we had already indicated to the previous UCouncil, we were totally against the price increase of the sports card with 20 euros, divided over 4 annual increases of €5. However, we did not want to run the risk that sports would be removed from the offer, and we see the tangible added value of the canteen and the football field. We therefore made a deal with the CvB to raise the sports card once by 5 euros. We also discussed the flow of money to the Sports Centre in the autumn, and the capacity problems in the winter when discussing the Housing Plan. We will try to make sure that this five euro is the only structural price increase!

Extra Study costs: We are pleased to see that the Rector agrees with the broad lines of our initiative proposal on this subject. He agreed with us that it should not be necessary to buy assignments to be allowed to attend a college, and offered to help us to communicate that students should not be obliged to incur costs in addition to study material. We are going to make sure that students and teachers know their rights on this subject.

Numerus fixus TiSEM: today we have given our consent to increase the numerus fixus for IBA to 500 by the year 2018-2019. Furthermore, the fixus for Economics was abolished. However, SAM is concerned about the proposal to abolish the IBA fixus altogether for the following year. We will strictly monitor this, together with ECCO!

Short news:

Profiling Fund: We are pleased that after two years of discussion, students in a force majeure situation, carers and competitionroeiers have been properly included in the fund, and that we have been able to help these groups well!

Strategic Plan, TOP and DEEP: You can expect a “SAM Strategic Update” next week!

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