University Council 7 April 2017

April 07, 2017

On 7 April the fifth University Council of this academic year took place!

There was no busy agenda. In fact, a large part of the items had been put on the agenda by SAM! All documents about finance and infrastructure received a positive advice without too much trouble. SAM can proudly report that our questions and hard work have made sense: this summer there will be quite a few more workplaces and outdoor workplaces! To make the workplaces easier to find, we have submitted a memo with the request to put an interactive map of the campus on the website, where a click can tell you how many workplaces can be found in a building!

In the field of education we have more good news: our initiative Honors Academy will be followed up, and we participate in the working group! Our initiative Valuation of education is also followed up in a good way. This includes things like Education Professors. It will be a long process, in which we will remain closely involved. The initiative will be followed by a seminar on 23 May, where this subject will be discussed extensively. With the piece on testing policy we have again insisted on better thesis guidance, which is the same for all students.

In the questionnaire we raised three points. First of all, we have submitted an initiative on extra study costs, with which we hope that the purchase of expensive extra materials and other extra things for your study will become a thing of the past. We also insisted on new ways to reset your password, especially for students who don’t have to look at BlackBoard for a long time. Finally, we have asked for updates to the TiU app so that it remains usable for everyone until the OSIRIS app is available.

A complete overview of all agenda items and our positions can be found here!

Reporting point Thesis guidance

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