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September 07, 2016

Every summer the Student Desk is flooded with questions. First year students, but also senior year students, have so many questions in the first weeks that the employees go overboard. Last year’s initiative, which added 4 FTEs to the staffing, unfortunately did not have the desired effect. SAM therefore decided to open its own support desks, in order to be able to help the student more quickly.

In good cooperation with the Student Desk, SAM was at Academia and Mensa to answer simpler questions. This way, students were helped faster, and the Student Desk had more time to answer those questions, and only they can help. We would like to thank the Student Desk for the pleasant cooperation.

It is clear that Academia building is the hotspot for student questions from our collected data. We received 80% of our questions here. Despite that, it turned out that our presence in the Mensa was appreciated, and we could also answer enough questions there.

A very large part of our questions related to the campus, and study questions. There was a lot of confusion about grouping, registration for courses or the study itself, login details, and more topics. It also turned out that students were still very uncomfortable in the first week, and did not yet know how to find the way or facilities on the campus. Finding one’s way around building A proved very difficult at all.

We got the most questions about these subjects. Many students have trouble logging in to eduroam, cannot find the website to apply for the Student Card, or cannot find their way on campus or Blackboard. Before logging in to eduroam we have written an instruction for this. These can be found here. Also the registration for courses on Blackboard came back often. An instruction for this can be found here. The website for applying for the Student Card can be found here.

For more information and other useful instructions, check our page “Useful info”!

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